About Us


Sporting is committed to each players development within our clubs organization.  Our early focus on technique and growth as an individual will build strong teams.  Sporting Football Club inspires to promote each player to the next level, whether it be high school, college, semi-professional or professional.  Our hope is to develop players to grow within our own Semi-Professional team.


Sporting is driven to provide a reputation within the community in developing quality soccer players.  By providing quality coaches, who are committed to our values as a club and to all the players involved with Sporting.  We want to provide a club that encourages the growth of soccer in Southern California and create a better environment for youth soccer in the United States.

What Makes Sporting Football Club Different

We offer a wide variety of opportunity through CSL, UPSL Academy and UPSL DIV 1.  Sporting Football Club has the opportunity to develop our players from youth level all the way up to our Semi-Professional team (UPSL DIV 1).  

The club has created a curriculum to give the player a guide for their development through the years at Sporting.  It can help guide the player, parent and coach to evaluate if they are on track as far as their development based on Sporting’s curriculum.  We aim to encourage the growth of technical development starting at our youngest ages all the way through the ranks to our semi-professional team.  Technical development will be the largest focus at younger ages, and will play an important role through each development stage.

We base our training sessions on 6-week periodization plans that directly reflects our playing style as a club.  Sporting Football Club coaches will use this 6-week work cycle to work on team tactical principles and key qualities of a player.  Each teams 6-week periodization plan will be reflected by data collection from game trend scenarios that the coach has determined.  Depending on age will also reflect focus on each plan based on our curriculum, which is separated into three different age groups: U7-U12, U13-U15 and U16-U18.