Sporting Football Club

“Technical, Adventurous and Passionate”




The development of technique is critical for Sporting’s philosophy.  Younger ages before 14 will be heavily focused on the development of technical ability.  Players will be expected to take on a desire to improve their own technical ability to grow within the club.  Coaches will put a large emphasis on technique.  Players will be introduced to all playing surfaces to learn more about the ball: astroturf, grass, blacktop, etc.


“Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.”  As a club we praise those willing to take chances or risks to be creative.  Playing within a box or what is expected is not always the answer for a modern day soccer player.  We encourage Sporting players to play outside the realms of expectations, and to play free within their own creative ideas.  This means Sporting players must have characters and personality.


It’s the intent and agreement that each Sporting player must demonstrate passion for the club and their own personal development/growth in the game.  Each player should not only have the desire to be at every training session and game, but also have a passionate mindset to work tirelessly for themselves, team, and coach.  Passion also drives players to play with speed, speed of thought and speed of play.  Coaches must also present the same passionate desire for the club, every player involved at sporting, and for their own personal growth as a coach.



It’s important to note that winning and losing is a massive part of the game.  Nobody sets out in sports to lose, which makes winning important but at youth level it’s not the matter of life and death.  Coaches will be more concerned on the outcome of development of the team, and the individual development to reach short/long term goals.  As athletes get older and to the age of U16, outcomes of the games will be come more important to closer reflect the first team.


The Directors have developed a curriculum for focal points within all age groups.  The curriculum is separated by U7-U11, U12-U15, U16-U18.  Coaches will focus their training sessions and game day experiences to the curriculum in place for the club.  We believe in this curriculum will help develop our athletes into quality soccer players.


Every coach involved with the vision of Sporting Football Club is dedicated to the growth as a coach/leader.  Coaching education is a long process, but it is valued by each coach at Sporting to better themselves and everyone involved with Sporting Football Club.  With continued education each coach is bringing back more structure and development to the players at Sporting.


Each person directly involved with Sporting will be held to the highest standard.  All coaches are proud to represent Sporting Football Club, and will treat all those involved with the club with respect.  Behavior on the sidelines during games and training sessions will be expected to be done with class, and a manner that meets the expectations of Sporting as a whole.

Sporting Youth Academy