Sporting San Fernando

Sporting San Fernando and Sporting FC Announcement

It is with great excitement today that we announce the transition of Sporting San Fernando to Sporting Football Club.  For three years Sporting San Fernando has competed in and remained in the UPSL 1st Division Western Conference.  Jon Meyers, current Director of Soccer Operations, believes, “A big part of Sporting San Fernando’s early success lies within the players that have come to Sporting and devoted their time to us playing soccer.  I just want them to know it was great to be able to provide the opportunity for  Sporting players to exist in the no pay to play model.  While producing teams that competed for a national title.”  

Over the three years of existence Sporting also had over 30 players from countries outside the US put on the Sporting San Fernando jersey.  With that also came former and current players from professional ranks in Europe, Asia, MLS, USL, and former college soccer players. 

Jon has now brought on a Board of Directors, that will help with the current transition from Sporting San Fernando to Sporting Football Club, for the 2020 competitive season.  With this transition, comes a change in branding as well.  The rebranding of Sporting San Fernando to Sporting Football Club was spearheaded by Jon Meyers, Pat Otte, Tal Nachimzon, and Aerick Brown.  Ultimately with the change, Sporting Football Club wanted more access to the youth soccer players in the area to help develop and coach players eventually for the first team.   Please contact Sporting Football Club with any questions or interest in trying out for our new youth teams in the B06, B04, B03, B02 and G03.